About us

Head office: 

   in Canton of St. Gallen / SWITZERLAND
Subsidiary:   in Konstanz / GERMANY
Warehouses:   goods are being consolidated within our warehouses in Switzerland, Germany and all over the CIS countries
Key markets:    industries and laboratories within the CIS countries working in the field of:

- pharma / biotechnology / diagnostics
- cosmetics
- food and feed
- chemistry
- veterinary  
- petrochemistry / renewable energy
- microelectronics
- nanotechnology
Key product groups:    laboratory equipment and consumables, research chemicals, raw materials
Production:     own manufacturing units within Russia and Kazakhstan producing inorganics / organics on a small scale as well as solvents in various grades on a large scale
Experience / USP:       

- 20+ years on CIS markets
- unique sales and marketing network all over the CIS countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan,...)
- own trucks and warehouses equipped for storing and transport of dangerous goods and temperature sensitive materials


Chimconnect: 2016